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Yes as per our terms, if goods are damaged during transit, Businessclaud will take care of such costs. It comes as an added advantage
To show our commitment, Businessclaud may give you a business agreement to sign especially if you paid any amount from 10,000 and above. The document offers some kind of assurance/guarantee. We don't require you to get extra documents. Actually, you don't need any documents. Businessclaud will not restrict you if you don't have documents but We will also do our own research to find out whether your business is registered by comparing your business name alongside the registered businesses in Kenya. We also use customer feedback/Reviews. In other words, we are keen to protect our customers from Fraud. If you are not verified, all payments from your customers will be made to Businessclaud and on the other hand if your business is fully registered and verified by us, then customers can pay directly to you without the need for using our payment systems. It is easy to get verified, just submit your Location to
Nairobi is number one on the list. Most of our customers in Nairobi are enjoying the fastest delivery within 2-3hrs in most cases. It has attracted a huge chunk of customers in Nairobi since all our competitors are very slow in this area. It is then followed by Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret in that order... We are doing well in all the major towns in Kenya
At the time of writing this reply, the monthly traffic exceeds five million. Businessclaud relies on several strategies to drive traffic to our ecommerce. This number is sharply increasing even as we reach more and more customers across Kenya and other countries. To answer the second question, how many of these are new visitors... Actually majority are new visitors since the company is rapidly expanding and our strategies have been very effective in this area
Businessclaud is known for Quality, Original products and Delivery on time. Our customers expect to receive what they ordered within 24hrs. This means as a business owner selling on Businessclaud, you should prioritize these orders at least within our delivery timelines. Businessclaud will reward you with more customers if its done within 24hrs.
Hi, there are several ways at Businessclaud
  1. We may direct a customer to pick directly from your shop/place if you have one. Please remember that we have customers that buy on our platform from across Kenya and there are cases where, the customer is at the same location as your business.
  2. Yes we have our own pickup points, we also use them as stores when needed. Here is a list : If you are on a smartphone click on this and if you are on a computer use We may also allow your business to be used as a pickup point for other vendors especially if you are on our ReSell program that allows you to ReSell products from other vendors at your own price
  3. Three, which is most common. We will send our delivery guys to pickup the ordered product from your location and we have put in place the right logistics for that including motorbikes and Vehicles when needed
  1. We have a free account and a paid account. On paid accounts we only charge 2% commission if you exceed the daily orders that Businessclaud has promised within a specified period/package. For example within the monthly package there's a range given in this case 3 to 10. This means if the number of orders exceed ten in a day, you will be charged 2% commission on every product you sell irrespective of whether the product is 500,000 or 50 bob.
  2. Secondly, on our free accounts we charge the same percentage commission(2%)
  3. In summary, this is how we meet our delivery costs


1. IF YOU ARE ON A SMART PHONE Once you login, click on the menu icon at the top right. The moment you do that another menu will show up on the left >> Go to Products >> Add Products


Once you login, You will see a menu on the right. Go to Products >> Add Products

NB, Once you have posted your products, all your products will be listed on our platform within 10 minutes... Your business page will also be automatically generated and all your products will also show up systematically on your page.

The businesses using businessclaud can be found on this page Whenever you are free, scroll through the whole list and you will see well known companies and even government ministries that sometimes use the platform to target youths. Please note, this list is also mixed up with other startUps and SMEs.
Hi at Businessclaud, payment goes directly to the seller/ Vendor. This means that customers/clients are not sending money to Businessclaud but rather these payments are send directly to the seller or the owner of that particular item.
A Customer places an order, Businessclaud collects the item that was ordered from the seller and Delivers it in the shortest time possible. In Nairobi, free delivery takes just a few hours and 24 hours countrywide.
Businessclaud is an online shopping mall. You can actually buy online and get it delivered by the Businessclaud Team. Enjoy the fastest and most reliable online shopping platform in Africa. Free delivery countrywide in just a few hours.
Businessclaud is a vibrant ecommerce platform helping thousands of Businesses in Kenya, East Africa and beyond to sell Online. Businessclaud is an online platform for buyers & Sellers.
If you need a work email send your referral code to with the subject Work email.

Please note that you must have your unique referral code before requesting for a work email

Hi, All clients do ask almost similar questions. And you can get the right answers using this link on Computers and on mobile devices
Targets are very low for this position, from as low as 3 clients per month. You can also refer to the contract you signed about our monthly targets. This is a job that you will enjoy, we pay well for getting the job done. Please note that this is Sales and marketing position

Click on the following link to read more

Please note that to be promoted to any other position you must have worked with us for at least 3 or 6 months. This means if you already applied for any other position you can't re-apply for this position. This is a management position, targets are relatively high (from 25 clients and above) hence the title Junior Team Lead Position

Click on the following link to read more

Please note that to be promoted to any other position you must have worked with us for at least 3 or 6 months. This means if you already applied for any other position you can't re-apply for this position. This is a management position, targets are very high hence the title Senior Team Lead Position

Click on the following link to read more

Procedure after a client has paid
  1. Businessclaud will call the client that has paid and ask the client to send images to for editing
  2. The sales specialist registering the client should also help the client to submit product images to ... Please understand that there are cases where you will need to help your client a good example is if you are dealing with an elderly person that is not conversant
  3. Businessclaud will proceed to edit the images on behalf of the client
  4. Businessclaud will request the client to provide some details like product name, product sizes, product price. You can also request the client to send these details when submitting images to Businessclaud.
  5. Businessclaud will do the posting on behalf of the client and our marketing strategies will start as soon as posting has been completed. Your client can login to their account to confirm the work in progress. Once posting is done a link is also sent to the business owner confirming that posting has been done*

    After posting what follows is intensive marketing, these involves over 30 strategies including assigning products to Senior team leaders selling products, google ADs and many more strategies in place

  6. In the case where the client has chosen to pick any package from 15,000 and above, we will send our photography team to take photos and then proceed with the steps above

Mpesa Till number is 5483239

Hi, its simple just open google and type Businessclaud Kenya. Click on the Businessclaud link and go to register. The shortcut is using the link below
Hi, to be fair, you are working remotely hence you need to differentiate yourself from someone who is not working at all and yet submitted his or her contract to Businessclaud. The answer is No. Businessclaud will not pay you for zero results please refer to the contract you signed or about to sign. And surely a day has 24 hours, a month has 30 days... It is impossible to end up with zero clients if you are serious with this job
Our Mpesa Till Number is 5483239

Businessclaud has two types of accounts.

  1. Seller Account : which is not free for small business, medium and well established companies. Please check our charges by clicking on the following link if you are on a computer and if you are on a mobile device.
  2. Reseller Account: This account is totally free. It allows you to sell something without posting anything. So far we have 300,000 active reseller accounts on businessclaud


On Mobile visit On computers visit *If you need a work email please request it via* Thank you for understanding
Yes, that is the goal. Remember 25,000 people have applied for this Job countrywide hence we are extra cautious, this means we can't just start sending everyone that Joins our team credit, transport and more, instead we will give you time to prove yourself. You are working from home, we can't just send you money until you earn that trust. Please refer to the contract you signed. We give allowances based on your track record
Hi, Yes you can get everything you need right now. At the moment we are only giving everything you need after your first client. That includes Job ID, Tshirt, Business cards and fliers. its like you officially receive everything after your first client. We are doing this because some of our team leaders have recruited thousands of people, some of them are accountants, teachers and irrelevant fields and we really need to give everyone a fair chance which means we need the right people to have these material. We are dealing with over 25,000 candidates countrywide. This number is growing on daily basis. If you have done sales and marketing before, we are sure you will enjoy the challenge... One client is not too much to ask
Yes. Though if you are a team leader we will be looking at other things like consistency. You realize that some people will be tempted to recruit some 10 people, forget about the job for a week or weeks in that case we dont pay commissions to such a team leader. We do this in order to protect the company from paying people that already moved on or got employed elsewhere. This means we are checking for consistency.
We look at your Weekly report in such a case. That does not mean you get zero clients and write so many reports.
Well you have a monthly target of more than 25 clients as a senior team leader We dont really care about how you achieve this. Its upon you to make sure you dont go below. This is why you need 55 team leaders to help you.
We actually consider several factors. Just because we stated salary to be 25,000 or 120,000 it does not mean its the fixed payment. 25,000 is just the minimum. The truth is by end month we will be paying between 25,000 to 100,000 depending on how many clients have been brought in. There are several factors that we consider, 25,000 is just the minimum.
Salary is negotiable after the first month. At the moment you can either work for a minimum of 25,000 or 120,000 if you are dealing with premium packages. When we say minimum is 25,000 it does not restrict you to 25,000 ... there are several factors we consider like the number of clients attained and consistency
Ensure they fill the application form that requires them to provide their bank account details etc

In that case, Businessclaud will take the product back to the seller.

  1. Most of our customers who have been buying on Businessclaud do pay even before delivery happens
  2. We are also getting thousands of new buyers on daily basis. For first time buyers we encourage cash on delivery.

Start selling Now Your business dream is closer than you think. Rise Up with Businessclaud

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  2. in Nigeria use
  3. Internationally use
  4. RealEstate in kenya use
  5. RealEstate in Nigeria use
Sorry for that, chances are, you forgot your password or you are not using the username you registered. If you need to solve this problem reset your password and you will be good to login. Just touch on where it says forgot Password and from there its easy to proceed
  1. Login to your account
  2. If you are on a computer go to the top right corner and choose Business profile, if you are on a smartphone just touch on the Menu at the top left and scroll down to Business profile
  3. Go to Edit profile or Profile
To make scan-friendly product descriptions you should: Use short, enticing and easy to understand product names. Use bullet points for technical specifications Ensure a lot of white space within the copy Be concise Use an easily readable font size Offer two descriptive lines to draw readers in.
There are two ways. One, once you login, go to menu and then >> Seller account. Right there you will see a link to your shop and the best way is to start reselling something, once you have added something to your Business page, just scroll down you will see the link to your Business page. Its actually simple. Your link is your username. For example if my username is alex then the link to my shop is ..
We use Mpesa most of the time and for international, we use paypal. It takes less than 24 hours to get money on your account
Yes, you can resell as many products as possible but you will need to copy a link to your business page, which you can share with people you know so that when they buy, you make profit
It means you can make more money or profit out of what another business has posted. When you resell something, Businessclaud allows you to add your own profit and then after a product has been delivered within 24 hours, you get your money. Its that easy
We don't show the buyer the name of your company or Business because we have verified everything posted on our ecommerce platform and found to be Original, of high Quality and Brand new. We make sure Everything posted is of the highest quality standards to protect our good reputation of offering Quality, Original and Brand new products and services.
Every Seller on Businessclaud has their own account for selling, this means even if your brands are the same, no one will use your brand. Every time orders are made on Businessclaud, the seller company details are sent to the buyer alongside the purchase email
Businessclaud guarantees that you will sell, that is why we charge some money. It is meant to give you results by all means. That is what differentiates us from our competitors. Sometimes once in a while we know that it could take a much longer time for some products to be sold as compared to others. In any case that you have not sold anything, we extend your time on Businessclaud until you have recovered all your money plus profit.

In that case, Businessclaud will take the product back to the seller.

  1. Most of our customers who have been buying on Businessclaud do pay even before delivery happens
  2. Thousands of New buyers are also joining on Businessclaud. For first time buyers we encourage cash on delivery.

Start selling Now Your business dream is closer than you think. Rise Up with Businessclaud

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  2. in Nigeria use
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