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We have our vehicles, motorbikes, and we also do international shipping. Its totally free and comes as an added advantage to all our customers that use Businessclaud. Businessclaud promises to provide you with the best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way. We assure you that all due precautions are taken so that your package is delivered to you intact and on time by our delivery partner. Just proceed with your order and we’ll do the rest.

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We guarantee results. Start selling online in bulk Now. We will give you a binding agreement to sign just before making payment. Businessclaud is helping companies and businesses to sell online. We use technology to improve quality of lifestyle, we help thousands shop and buy right from their homes, offices and anywhere within the country. Delivery happens in just a few hours. What are you waiting for? Sell and buy on Businessclaud

Fashion, Phones & Accessories, Electronics, furniture, vehicles, property, real-estate, automotive, health & beauty

You can find anything original on businessclaud; ladies fashion, kids fashion, men's fashion eg Shoes, dresses, beddings, jeans, face masks, We have everything including cars, televisions, computers and laptops, printers, accessories, furniture products eg chairs, tables, beds. We also have a completely separate site for real-estate where you can find apartments, houses, land for sale, restaurants and much more. Check it out Real Estate kenya We have everything and we are the best.

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