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  • Vanilla Cake

    Indulge your taste buds in this moist vanilla cake topped with fresh cream... 1/2 Kg Vanilla cake …
  • blueberry cake

    For all the blueberry lovers, this is a must try. The layers of this cake are filled with blueberry filling that bursts into your mouth with every bite .......... 1kg blueberry cake only. Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered in the next few hours. Cloud Business has the best dealers in cakes…
  • 6 cake hearts

    Everyone looks forward to treats. We have the perfect treat combo for you. Serves well as a gift to your loved ones. Get them in white, milk or dark chocolate 6 cake hearts 4 cakesicles .... Buy on Cloud Business Kenya, we deliver in just a few hours. We have the best dealers in cakes, we care about you.…
  • 6 dessert cup cake

    Our dessert in cups is a different yet exciting way to enjoy your cake. Layers of your favourite cake filled with fresh crea and a sauce of your choice ..... 6 dessert cup -. Buy it now on Cloud Business Kenya. Delivery is just in the next few hours or less. Cloud Business Kenya has the best dealers in cakes. Order Now…
  • 3kg Vanilla fondant cake

    Celebrating a graduation? Let one of the memories of your party be a beautiful and delicious cake from us. Bring us your design and let us do the magic 3kg Vanilla fondant…
  • Congratulations cake

    Congratulations on your coming baby. We have to celebrate in style. Our baby shower dessert table is one of a kind. Order from us today and make your baby shower one to be remembered by you and all your guest ... 3Kg vanilla cake fondat ... themed cupcakes ... gift favours filled with candy ... a box .. party cup and serviet Buy on Cloud Business Kenya, quality is guaranteed, we select the best dealers. Delivery is free. We are fast in delivery…
  • buttercream carrot cake

    Indulge yourself in this moist spicy carrot cake. What a ay to enjoy your carrots. (Spices used : cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, mixed spices) .... 1Kg buttercream carrot cake Buy on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered in the next few hours. Delivery is free.…
  • vanilla rosette cake

    What a beauty.Fits perfectly as a smash cake for toddlers celebrating their birthdays ... 1Kg Vanilla rosette cake . Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered to you in the next few hours. Quality, original, delivery on time…
  • vanilla fondant flower cake

    Fresh flowers and a cake? Yeeeees perfect combo. Enjoy this flower box cake or all your celebrations... 1Kg vanilla fondand flower box cake Happy birthday topper Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya, delivery is free and on time. Order Now…
  • wedding, birthday cake

    This chocolate sponge cake melts in your mouth.... 1Kg blackforest Order it now. Cloud Business Kenya is very fast in delivery. Delivery is totally free. We have the best, quality is guaranteed, you will love this cake…
  • sugarsheet buttercream cake

    Sugar sheet is a perfect way to finish cakes so as to bring out a rustic design. This one will definitely bring out the sugar rush in you .... 1/2Kg vanilla sugarsheet buttercream cake. When you shop on Cloud Business Kenya, we deliver to you in just a few hours. You don't have to wait for days for something to be delivered. Cloud Business is the best, quality is guaranteed…
  • chocolate mint cake

    This cake leaves behind a cooling effect on your pallet. The perfect minty flavour ... 1Kg chocolate mint cake at Kenyan shillings 1800. Buy it now, we will deliver to you in just minutes. Quality is guaranteed. Order now on Cloud Business Kenya.…
  • rainbow cake

    Slice up this cake revealing the rainbow magical colors ... 1kg rainbow cake ... extra chocolate toppings 500 .... happy birthday topper 200. Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered to your doorsteps in just a few hours. You don't have to wait for days on when you shop on Cloud Business. We are here for you.…
  • pinacollada cake

    This pinacollada cake brings out tropical vibes 1Kg pinacollada cake at 1800. Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered to you in the next few hours. Delivery on Cloud Business Kenya does not go beyond 24 hours. We are the best.…
  • Wedding cake

    The cake is one of the best parts of a wedding. Allow us to make your day special... 1Kg vanilla fondant at 2000 (... varies depending on how many single and tiered cakes you want). Buy now, delivery is just in the next few hours. Just click or touch on the order now button and you will have your wedding cakes in the next few hours…
  • balloon topper cake

    Another smash cake for your little ones.... 1kg red velvet... balloon topper Buy it on Cloud Business Kenya and have it delivered to you in the next few hours. Delivery is free on Cloud Business Kenya. Just press the order now button and have the cakes delivered.…
  • strawberry cake

    A taste for french desserts? You are in the right place. Enjoy this fraiser cake if you are a strawberry. This is a must try for everyone... 1.5Kg. Fraiser cake. Cloud Business Kenya is the best and fast in delivery. Buy it now and have it delivered to your doorsteps in the next few hours. Order now…
  • affordable cupcake

    Enjoy our wide variety of cupcake flavours at an affordable price ... 12 cupcakes Buy it now, click on the order now button, you can have this cake in the next few hours. Delivery is free at Cloud Business Kenya and we focus more on best quality standards…
  • Vanilla orange wedding cake 14kgs

    Vanilla orange wedding cake 14kgs going for 32,800 1kg going for 2700 comes with a set of cakes stands wine ,wine stand and cutliers…
  • blueberry cake

    Customizing cakes is one thing we love to do Bringing your ideas to life This is blueberry cake that leaves your mouth craving for more #customizedcake…
  • spiderman themed cake

    Customizing cakes is one thing we love to do Bringing your ideas to life This is Rich fruit cake that leaves your mouth craving for more v #spidermanthemedcake A kg starts from 2500…
  • Nude cake

    ? Nude cake to be specific perpermint cake going for ? 1kg going for 1800 this particular goes for 3000 2kg make your order 3 days earlier…
  • Flash themed cake vanilla

    ? Flash themed cake vanilla plan ? going for 1kg 2800 2kg 3800 place your order 3days early…
  • chocolate cakes

    ? Our chocolate cakes ? 1kg going for 3700 place your orders 3 days Early…
  • lemon cakes ,perpermint cake ,orange , blue berry , strawberry and vanilla

    ? For a just normal flavoured cake we got you covered. ? lemon cakes ,perpermint cake ,orange , blue berry , strawberry and vanilla A kg going for 2100 .we creat the flavour.…
  • Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion

    Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion…
  • Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion

    Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion…
  • Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion , etc

    Simple is beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion , etc…
  • beautiful cake of all flavors orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion

    beautiful cake of all flavours orange ,lemon , strawberry , vanilla , passion…
  • passion orange cake 15kg

    This is a passion orange cake 15kg going for 32,500 wedding cake comes with a set of cake stand a wine and wine stand and a set of cutleries…

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